Ritsumeikan Game Week

Closing Remarks

At the Kinugasa Campus of Ritsumeikan University,  international game-related academic conferences (IEEE SeGAH 2019, DIGRA 2019, and Replaying Japan 2019), which were hosted and co-hosted by Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies (RCGS), were all over. It was a long over a week from August 5 to 11th.

We have not yet done a detailed summary, but it is truly wonderful that a total of over 400 lectures, research reports, sessions, panel discussions, and workshops were held in Japan and all successfully.

The Japanese game studies community, which had been in a situation of “The game industry has been big, but game studies is not be so active”, has been gradually becoming more active with DiGRA JAPAN which is the Japanese chapter of DiGRA at its core. This successive international conferences was a great opportunity for further development for the Japanese game studies community.

Teachers, researchers, and students from the Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies prepared for the conference, but many things were unexpected for such a large conference, and as a result, we somehow managed to get through with a lot of support and cooperation from other sections of our university.

First of all, I would like to share this success with all those who have worked hard and cooperated for this long trip.

Thank you so much for your collaboration .

Ritsumeikan Game Week Executive Committee


立命館大学衣笠キャンパスにて、立命館大学ゲーム研究センターが主催・共催した3つのゲーム関連の国際学会、カンファレンス(IEEE SeGAH 2019、DIGRA 2019、Replaying Japan 2019)がすべて終了しました。8月5日から11日にかけての長い一週間のカンファレンスでした。


「ゲーム産業は大きいがゲーム研究はあまり盛んではない」という状況にあった日本のゲーム研究コミュニティも、DiGRAの日本チャプターであるDiGRA JAPANを中心としながら少しずつ活発化してきました。今回の連続的な国際会議を成功させたことは、日本のゲーム研究コミュニティにとっても、さらなる発展のための大きな契機になったと思います。






Ritsumeikan Game Weekは、2019年8月5日(月)から11日(日)の一週間の間に京都衣笠の立命館大学を会場にして開催される3つの国際学術会議、IEEE SeGAH 2019、DIGRA 2019、そしてReplaying Japan 2019を総称したものです。立命館大学においては、1990年代から始まったゲームアーカイブの取り組みに端を発したデジタルゲーム研究が継続的に発展しており、ゲームに関わる人文学的研究、データマイニングやA.I.といった工学系の研究、ゲーム産業や知財などの社会経済系の研究、そしてゲームデザインや制作手法などの開発や研究などが進められ、その成果はIEEEやDiGRAの日本支部などで発表されてきました。2011年4月に発足した国内初のゲームに関する総合的な研究拠点である立命館大学ゲーム研究センター(RCGS)はこのような研究蓄積のもとに誕生しており、現在もRCGSを拠点として文理芸を横断する学部や大学院の研究者たちが学際的な研究を進めています。Ritsumeikan Game Weekが開催されることにより、様々な経緯や特徴を有するゲームに関わる国際学会が同じキャンパスにおいて同時期に連続的に開催されます。そして、この期間を京都にある立命館大学で共に過ごすことにより、世界中のデジタルゲームに関する研究者達の相互交流を促進すること、そしてデジタルゲームを対象にした文理芸融合による国際共同研究が活性化していくことを期待します。

“Ritsumeikan Game Week” is a collective term for 3 international academic conferences will be held during the one week from Monday, August 5, 2019 to 11th at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto Kinugasa: IEEE SeGAH 2019 (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health, August 5 – 7), DIGRA 2019 (Digital Game Research Association, August 6 – 10), and Replaying Japan 2019 (The 7th International Japan Game Studies Conference, August 9 to 11). At Ritsumeikan University, digital game research, which was started in the 1990s as a small trial to game preservation activities, has continued to develop. The research includes humanities related to games, engineering studies such as data mining and A.I., socio-economic studies such as the game industry and intellectual property, as well as the development and research of game design and production methods. The fruits of the research have been read at the IEEE and Japan Branch of DiGRA and so on. Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies (RCGS), which was started in April 2011 as Japan’s first comprehensive research center on games, was established based on this accumulated researches. Today, interdisciplinary researches have being carried out by researchers from faculties and graduate schools that are crossing humanities, sciences, and arts based in RCGS. Ritsumeikan Game Week will carry together a series of concurrent international conferences on the digital game with varying backgrounds and characteristics on the same campus. We hope that by spending this period all together at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, we will promote mutual exchanges among researchers on digital games around the world, and that international joint research for digital game through the crossing of humanities, sciences, and arts will be activated.

開催される会議 Conferences

SeGAH 2019

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health, August 5 – 7

DIGRA 2019

Digital Game Research Association, August 6 – 10

Replaying Japan 2019

The 7th International Japan Game Studies Conference, August 9 to 11